Raw Salad w/ Honey Lemon Dressing

I Love "Raw Food" but I do not eat it as much as I would like too. I admit that it is so much easier to pull something out of the Ice Box and toss it into the microwave oven (which I do not do too often) or to visit this place on my way home from work like I did on Friday night. I pay for it physically when I do that kind of thing because of allergy's to MSG.
So Sunday I was talking to my husband about starting to eat healthier than we do and he said "Great idea." So, I went to my favorite place to find the best recipes in the world and found this site "keep it simple foods" I came across her recipe for Raw Salad with 7 simple easy to put together ingredients and thought "Well........ I guess I could try that because I love all the ingredients SO..... I made it.
I added some of this
And some of this into my Ninja 
Here is some carrots! Just processed in my ninja
So after I processed my broccoli, cauliflower and carrots I added some cran raisins and slivered almonds. She calls for unsalted shelled sun flower seeds but I didn't have any so I substituted the almonds. 
 Next I added the juice from a lemon and some honey
I happened to have some ripe lemons on the tree in my back yard but it was huge as you can see in this picture.
I juiced half because I thought that this large lemon would make it to sour and I did not want to waist the veggies. 
Ta Da... So I finished mixing the salad and dressing all together and put a spoonful in my mouth and OH, MY, GOODNESS.... There was a party going on in my mouth! I was so surprised with the flavor. It was a combination of sour and sweet and I think this may be my new favorite salad! I do have to say that it may not be for everyone but I LOVE IT! I told my husband that I would make him a bowl to take to work and he said very politely "No thanks" I had to laugh. Like I said it's not for everyone but Jennifer did a bang up job with this one! Thank you Jennifer


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