Project Linus Blanket

 When my sweet daughter passed I needed to do something to give back in her memory. After looking around for a little bit I found this great site called "Project Linus"
Project Linus is an non profit organization that gives children in need blankets. Here is the web site for the national organization I joined a local chapter and am now making my second blanket.
I put happy thoughts and love into each stitch thinking of my daughter and I know that the child that receives this blanket will be wrapped up in love from two women who loved to craft.
 Three squares down and only 78 more to go 
 I love this simple granny square
I forgot one row here so I will have to go back and fix it...Or "light bulb moment" I will add a row of white around this little guy and call it a hug.... too corny? we will see... I will post more as I get closer to getting this one done.


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