New blanket

I LOVE to quilt, sew, crochet, craft anything with my hands. Last weekend I found these great fabrics. I am really happy with them and am looking forward to making a blanket this next week. I am getting all of my quilt books out and am searching for a great pattern... that's a lot of fun too :)

On another note our poor little Takota feel sick again, this time he has a bladder the size of a big balloon filled with crystals and stones. Good news is that a change of diet will fix it but the bad news is that he has to go in for catheter treatments when a stone gets stuck. My poor baby, he has been sick more than he has been well but I hope that this is the last bit of trouble we have with him poor guy. In the picture below he is napping on his back snuggled right up to me. That is where you can find him most days.... plastered to my side. The meds and food he has to eat and take for treatment will last for a month and the dr. said that he should be good to go then.  I sure hope so......


  1. That is going to be one bright and colourful blanket. Have fun sewing. x


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