Friday the 13th

Oh...... So sick.... I tried calling in sick to work but they could not cover me easily because of an earlier emergency so I told them that I would come in. *What in the world was I thinking* I guess it was my sick brain talking. I took some of these Halls Naturals and some decongestants with pain relievers to get me through the day but boy oh boy what a day it was. I do not usually put any thought into being superstitious especially on Friday the 13th. but today I wondered about that...
I get into my car to go to work and find that I am on fumes because I was to lazy the night before to fuel up
I realize on the way to work that I forgot my drivers licence and wallet at home and that means I will be going without lunch today. Then I discover hours later that it's in my hip pocket
I get to work and down load my route and then leave to get my work car but find that when I get to the cage I left the keys back at the office down the street
So I drive back and get my keys.... Starting to wonder at this point "Why am I here again?"
So I finally get into my car (someone once told me that they loved my green car lol GREEN?) and I pick up my thermos to wet my sore throat and it slips out of my hand and hits the screen on my hand held that I had just downloaded my route on..... OPPS! I wonder how much I will have to pay to get this fixed. GRRR 
Ohhhhh I have done it now
Then I get on the road finally but end up behind this lost driver who is driving at an unbelievable five miles per hour for one mile before I can get around him..... *Breath*
I can do this, relax....breath....share the road....I can be calm.
Okay.....finally on the road and find that I could use some soup that my son made for me this morning because I had to work. It looks so good so I take a big swallow....YOUCH! its so hot it burns my tongue so I swallow really quick to get it out of my mouth and now my throat is on fire burning...
Then I get out of my car and find that I have thrown a hub cap on my work car....Will it end???
Yes.....Yes it will because I am changing my 
HA! I thought that was cute... It got my attention so I thought what is good about today?
Well, It's raining that is always good in my book I love the rain
Green is my favorite color
Wine country is always so beautiful even in the rain
I love moss growing on the trees
 And who doesn't smile at pretty flowers 
At the end of my day a symbol of a promise from God... Can't ask for more than that... Well I could... I would not like to be sick anymore! That would be good for starters lol. Happy week end everyone I'm going to bed!


  1. Oh I hope you are feeling so much better today....what a good dependable person you are to head in and do your job even though you were clearly unwell. x


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