Easter S'mores

I thought that this idea was such a cute one that I had to try it. I found the idea HERE but you can find a lot of different sites that have this same idea with different variations.
You just need grahams, Chocolate and a peep marshmallow, I teased the kids by telling them that the Easter bunny had a accident here lol. You know kind of like Snow man poop, they all got a good laugh at that one.
  In the bag I included the instructions which are as follows
place chocolate on graham cracker and put peep on top of chocolate 
and microwave for 10 - 15 Seconds
watch continuously til done, then place another graham cracker on top of the melted marshmallow and eat.
 Here is what you get
My son said it's yummylicious (he is funny here over acting) but he did say they were good
Here is my basket all ready to take to church today and pass out to my little ones in Sunday School. By the way they were a big hit by the way.


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