One thing I have had a problem with all my life is dishes... I would rather clean any thing other than dishes.
Although I do love to eat off of squeaky clean dishes 
I guess I need a good knock upside the head... lol. I am grateful for the blessings in my life like DISHES, food, shelter, clothes, I do not take any of it for granted but it is like pulling teeth when it comes to doing dishes.
My grandmother said "there are people in the world that would love to do dishes because that would mean that they had food." Well I love my grandmother and miss her terribly but her guilt trip did not work. I do know that people are starving in the world... I did as a child myself often going to bed with no dinner only to wake up and leave for school the next day with an empty stomach. (She did not know about that in our childhood and I didn't tell her) She was trying to teach us girls respect, duty and honor. I think she did a pretty good job.
I mostly use the dish washer for dishes and I don't like how it cleans them so every now and then I will fill up the sink and get the suds out and scrub everything, it makes things sooooo much cleaner. When I do this "like today" It takes me back to the time that our grandmother moved in with us. That was the beginning of better times. She took over the house and we all became more happy. I can remember that she started cooking for us and shopping for us and that was the end of starvation. I remember a comment she made to our mother about our appetites, She said "These kids eat like they have hollow legs" Well she did not know that there was a whole month that all we ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner was black eyed peas and rice but before we could eat it we had to clean out the rat droppings. (it took me years to eat those again, rice and beans not the other lol) Times were tough but we made it through. SO I am very grateful for my dishes because that means that we are not starving anymore but that still does not change the fact that I still do not like to do dishes.
When granny moved in we had to start helping with the dishes and I can remember pushing a kitchen chair up to the sink and washing for what felt like days worth of dishes but it would only be one meals worth lol. But standing at the sink I could look out our second story window watching all the kids playing and I could not join them because I had to do dishes... Poor baby lol. It's really nice to have memory's like this one to get me through the action of doing dishes because before I knew it I was done. I will use the dish washer again for the most part but the physical part of doing dishes today took me back in time and just maybe after today's trip the dishes were not such a chore and the memory's were very worth it.
Doing the dishes today brought to mind the many times that my grandma would spend the day "Canning" in our little kitchen and that meant MORE and MORE dishes over and over again but it was fun spending time with her. I suppose that I learned a lot from my grandmother even if at the time I did not appreciate it.
Well i had fun walking down memory lane today but i do need to ask... why do i have to wash disposable bowls??? if i had it my way i wouldn't buy them but the family uses them a lot and i cannot see paying for them and then throwing them away after one use! Am i crazy?


  1. Loved reading your story about the dishes....we don't have a dishwasher and I am the main driver behind the can be quite therapeutic if the kids aren't whining next to you.xx

    But love your grandmothers sentiments though. x

  2. Thank you Bron, I miss my grandmother


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