Beautiful signs of the beginning of summer

 I love roses. Red was my grandmama's favorite color
 In my front yard are two climbing rose bushes that are starting to bloom
 I love to watch as each day a new bud opens up
 Here is a climbing vine that is working its way up our house
You can see our Christmas lights that we lazily left up this year

 These were at a clients office I thought they were really pretty but the camera did not capture the true beauty
I love pink


  1. Such a beautiful colour rose...they are one of my favourite flowers...does it have a perfume?

  2. I wish it did have a perfume scent to it but unfortunately it does not. My sweet soft scented lilac tree sends up more of a scent than this climbing rose does but I love the color of the deep red against the dark green. It's still early in the season but I expect more green leaves and red roses. In the intense heat of our state in the summer it stops producing flowers but resumes again in the fall. It's really nice to come home from a long day at work and gaze at the beauty on my way to the front door! :-)


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