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Raw Salad w/ Honey Lemon Dressing

I Love "Raw Food" but I do not eat it as much as I would like too. I admit that it is so much easier to pull something out of the Ice Box and toss it into the microwave oven (which I do not do too often) or to visit this place on my way home from work like I did on Friday night. I pay for it physically when I do that kind of thing because of allergy's to MSG.
So Sunday I was talking to my husband about starting to eat healthier than we do and he said "Great idea." So, I went to my favorite place to find the best recipes in the world and found this site "keep it simple foods" I came across her recipe for Raw Salad with 7 simple easy to put together ingredients and thought "Well........ I guess I could try that because I love all the ingredients SO..... I made it. I added some of this And some of this into my Ninja Here is some carrots! Just processed in my ninja So after I processed my broccoli, cauliflower and carrots I added some cran raisins an…

Sunday treats

Nothing like some very tasty Watermelon on a warm day
 And..... My roses just keep blooming and blooming 


Mandy and her brother are in gran's back yard with two cousins... I miss these days

Disneyland Rose bush

I am so happy each year that my "Disney Land Rose Bush" blooms.   My sister and brother in law gave us this Rose bush about eight years ago and it still flowers every year
 I know... I have blogged about my bush before but I really LOVE IT  I love the large blooms  I love the way it changes color  OH! Look what I found...  In years past I have had a problem with aphids  But not this year thanks to this sweet little man

Engagement Photos

Here is my son and soon to be daughter in law! I am so happy for them but for me too! Because I get the best daughter in law in the world!

Beautiful signs of the beginning of summer

I love roses. Red was my grandmama's favorite color  In my front yard are two climbing rose bushes that are starting to bloom  I love to watch as each day a new bud opens up  Here is a climbing vine that is working its way up our house You can see our Christmas lights that we lazily left up this year
 These were at a clients office I thought they were really pretty but the camera did not capture the true beauty I love pink

Red light violations

WOW Really? Okay I can remember when they first started using cameras to catch people running red lights but the fine just like any other thing has gone up through this sluggish economy and now I guess because the city's are feeling it to they need to up the violation fine... Well I do not on purpose try to run red lights but COME ON! $426.00??? I can remember when they first started they ran about $150.00 then they went up to $225.00 and then $325.00 and on this corner it is $426.00 but I have seen the amount higher on other corners. To pay this fine I would have to take out a loan... SHEESH It's a good thing that I slow for the yellow and not speed up

A Little better.... Kind of

Mmm Minestrone soup I was surprised when my son came in and said "look at what your girl friends brought for you today" aw I have great BFF's just what I needed today love and warm soup! I am better than Friday but still a little slow I couldn't stay for the entire service today but I tried! Thank you girls, and my tummy and throat thank you too!

Friday the 13th

Oh...... So sick.... I tried calling in sick to work but they could not cover me easily because of an earlier emergency so I told them that I would come in. *What in the world was I thinking* I guess it was my sick brain talking. I took some of these Halls Naturals and some decongestants with pain relievers to get me through the day but boy oh boy what a day it was. I do not usually put any thought into being superstitious especially on Friday the 13th. but today I wondered about that...
I get into my car to go to work and find that I am on fumes because I was to lazy the night before to fuel up I realize on the way to work that I forgot my drivers licence and wallet at home and that means I will be going without lunch today. Then I discover hours later that it's in my hip pocket I get to work and down load my route and then leave to get my work car but find that when I get to the cage I left the keys back at the office down the street So I drive back and get my keys.... Starting…