So today as I sat in the parking lot of the hospital eating my lunch I watched as a senior couple came out and walked to their car. It was a old man pushing his wife in her wheel chair. I was very touched by the tenderness this man gave to her. It took him about five minutes to get her from the chair to the car, it was not because he was struggling it was because he was being cautious of her. He held her tightly and tenderly, moved slowly and gently placed her into the front seat of the car where he proceeded to put a pillow behind her back, cover her with a blanket lowered the sun shade and adjusted her again. His wife was ridged, I am not sure what caused that and am not going to guess I was extremely touched by his tender ministrations to his wife. After he put the chair in the trunk he then got into the car him self where he made sure that her belt was fixed and even adjusted her again. Wow! What love. 

Last week while sitting in the same place eating my lunch I watched as a senior grandmother pulled up in a large SUV and parked. I watched as she jumped (Yes jumped) down out of her truck and from the back pulled out a two seat stroller (She was about four feet five inches tall)  She then proceeded to pull out a car seat that snapped into the back then jumped back into the truck and came out with two year old and placed him into the front seat. Next she she pulled out three diaper bags, yes three, then she jumped back into the truck and pulled out a second car seat. Closing up the truck she then set out walking to the building pushing a stroller with two children and carrying the third. I thought about going to help her but I thought to myself that there was no way that I would hand over my baby to a stranger to carry her for me. I do not know maybe I should have but this was not the first time that she has done this. When I seen her later I noticed that one of the SWEET children that she had was deformed and I think that is why she was so practiced. There appears to have been many trips to the hospital. 

Then last month I was leaving the hospital and as I was passing the curb I looked right to make sure that there was no car coming so that I could leave the parking lot. As I passed the parking lot intersection I saw a woman, a senior woman sitting on the curb and half way onto the street. As I sat at the stop sign I thought to myself that there was something wrong with that picture so I put my car in reverse (happy that no one was behind me) and made a right and pulled up to her and asked if everything was okay. She in a very distressed voice said no, I have fallen and I cannot get up. I thought to myself that God had placed me there at that moment to help this poor woman I am not sure that someone else would have stopped because I myself was unsure if she was just waiting for someone or not because she was just sitting there not moving. So I placed my emergency lights on and got out of the car and went to her. I said on the count of three you push and I will pull and between the two of us we got her back on her feet. She told me that her husband had just gotten out of emergency and had taken the car over to the pharmacy as she took care of the paper work. When she was done she went outside and saw him as he drove by. She told me that she ran to catch him and tried to wave him down but for some reason he did not see her. She said as she got to the curb she tried to step up but missed and fell and had been floundering there for a little bit. My heart just ached for her I could tell that she was really shaken. I picked her up and put her into my car and we started for the pharmacy. Half way there her husband was coming down the same road as us and she exclaimed that my husband! So I waved him down and he stopped. When I got her into their car I told her husband that she had fallen and was unable to get herself up. He inquired after her and then thanked me, he said I knew that splitting up was a bad idea as he smiled and thanked me again. 

What strikes me with my experiences is that although each one was different they all affected me in one way or another. Life is not all about me, my trials, my sorrows, my needs. Life is about others and what I can do for them, what I can learn from them, examples taught to me by them. I love people and I love God for putting them into my life so that I can learn.... no matter what those lessons may be.


  1. What a beautiful post...thanks for sharing your thoughts. x


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