Pineapple plant update

I was so happy when I started this project. I was really looking forward to the results of a great plant. This picture (above) that I took after I prepared this pineapple for rooting looks good but... things did not turn out like I planed. I have been changing the water every day and watching it closely for roots to appear. This week end I forgot about it as I went about my daily happenings and this morning when I went to change the water this is what I found.....(Below)
AAAAAACCCCCKKKKKK!!!!!! MOLD! I immediately picked it up and put it in the trash! Well, I guess here is another EPIC Fail lol but that is okay I learned some things that I think will help next time.
1. Don't purchase the pineapple and then let it sit for a week before you plant it. (it dies as it ripens)
2. Don't purchase a pineapple and then let is sit for a week lol just kidding I am going to try this again but I will not wait like I did last time. I think that my tooth pics were to low on this plant and I may need to place them higher up so that more of the plant is in the water. Oh well I guess I can call this one my phase one lol (Poor little plant)


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