Pineapple Plant

I was surfing through you tube the other day and found this Video on planting your own Pineapple plant so I purchased this great pineapple for $1.99 at Food Source. This pineapple was really ripe when I purchased it and I did not get around to preparing it for a week and a half afterward. I think that was too long because it started to spoil.
 To prepare the pineapple to be planted you have to remove the green leafy part from the fruit. To do that you grab the leafy top at the base of the Pineapple and twist it.
 Once you start twisting it you will hear some snapping and ripping sounds and then it should pop right off. You do not want to cut it because that will leave some of the fruit and it will mold because of the sugar content in the pineapple.
 And here is the top separated from the Pineapple. (You can see the pot in the background here I had planned on planting it after removing the lower leaves but there were no roots)
Next you turn the leaves upside down and pull off the first inch or so on the base. You should see some roots, if not then do not plant it in the soil. First you have to get some roots growing so you need to put it into water for about a week or three. Make sure to change the water every day to keep it fresh.
Here I took some tooth picks and inserted them the same way you would on an avocado then place it into a glass of water. When the roots have grown long enough you can plant it into the dirt. In this picture you cannot really tell but the plant stalk is growing crooked and I did not notice that in the beginning and I would recommend that whey you purchase your pineapple make sure that the stalk is straight. Also when you purchase your pineapple it does not matter what the leaves look like, bent, broken, brown, it does not matter. What matters is the fruit make sure that the fruit is good and ripe. The old leaves of the pineapple that you are planting will eventually die off and new ones will take their place from the middle. I will post pictures as it grows. If every thing goes right I will get one pineapple from this plant but it can take any where from two to three years before I will get my fruit. I guess this is a good teacher of patience
Look at the YUMMY fruit I got from the pineapple

On another note here is a update on Takota and Bailey:
Well we found out that Baileys tests all came back normal so we think that he ingested something to make him so sick, we have him on antibiotics and he is improving each day. Takota is waiting for the radiologist to read the x-rays and then we will know more on where and what to do.


  1. That's fascinating let us know how it goes.

  2. Hi Bron, I am so excited about watching this plant grow that I am finding myself checking it a couple times a day lol. My mother had one when I was younger but hers did not grow I hope that mine does. I will up date as it grows


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