I love this man with all my heart

My dear, sweet husband taking a minute and enjoying the site by the river. This river leads to the ocean. We had taken a trip with his parents and they had treated us to dinner.
Here is my sweet man with his wonderful mother.
One thing you should know about my husband is that he cannot stay still in a photo. He has to make wise cracks during the whole picture taking so sometimes I get funny pictures like the one below.
What he said in this picture caused the me to laugh so hard below. 
You can tell by the look on his face that he is proud of himself. lol. I cannot tell you what he said though lol its a secret, but I still laugh today when I think about it.
On our trip with his parents his mother wanted to go to the ocean and put her feet in the water. She lives in Nevada and does not get this way to often so Joe being the dutiful son walked her down to the shore line.
What you should know is that she needs a walker to walk with because she has had ten back surgery's and is not in the best of health. We tried to talk her out of it but she would not be moved.
So my husband being the great son that he is took her by the hand and walked her down to the shore line. The sand is so deep that your feet sink almost two or more inches into the sand with each step. Sand is hard to walk on. It is hard to tell but I guess that it is a quarter of a mile to the ocean from here.
If you look at the pup tent in the middle of the picture the tan one you can see them on the right where they stopped to take a rest.
Here is a close up of them catching their breath. My poor husband is in pain here, he needs back surgery himself and walking in the sand about did him in he said but he did not want to disappoint his mother so he put his own pain away and took her down.
They had been at the shore line for some ten minutes and we could not see them so Joe's father went down to find them, he is in the blue shirt. What a sweet man his is always worried about his sweet wife.
I told my husband to smile because I wanted proof that we had been to the beach and he started in with the wise cracks again, It is really funny at the time and he makes me laugh and I love it but it makes for some funny pictures of him every now and then.
This is not such a good picture but I wanted to show it because he said something so funny that I was laughing so hard that I could not hold the camera still and his head got cut off. I have posted some of these pictures before but I felt like revisiting a couple of them. I love my man he is the sweetest and best partner I could have asked for. He makes me smile and laugh and takes care of me very tenderly! I love him so...


  1. I'm glad you have still many laughs in you both ....life is so much better when you can have a good laugh.

  2. Thank you Bron, I so agree with you. This year will be our 32nd and he still makes me smile.


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