Epic fail

So I follow a blog that I LOVE and wanted to try some of the great ideas on the site and one of them was fabric softener. So I pulled out the ingredients and made some. It called for six cups of water, three cups of vinegar and two cups of hair conditioner. You mix it all up and add as normal in to the rinse cycle or spritz a wash cloth and add to the dryer. 
 Here is my bottle of fabric softener waiting to be added to my wash when it was done.
I spritzed the wash cloth until it was dripping and threw it into the dryer, I added all my clothes that are nylon and dedicates (you know the ones that if static is anywhere to be found it is found here) into the dryer and started it. When the dryer went off I really was excited to see if it worked.......I opened up the dryer and my nose was assaulted by the strong odor of vinegar. I pulled the first item out and it was static free, I was happy. Next I pulled out my skirt and glued to that was my slip then my blouse and a lot of crackling sounds. I tried to pull my slip off of the blouse and it was stuck so tight that I thought "wait a minute is this attached?" No it was not so I threw everything back into the dryer with two dryer sheets lol. Epic Fail. Maybe I needed to add it to both the washer and dryer. Now I did not add the site from where I found the recipe because I am sure that it was me that failed and not the recipe, soooo, I will contact the site owner and question what I did wrong and try again another day. Now I just hope that I do not have to wash all my clothes again to get the static out.


  1. Hey it is good to try new things... a little tweaking may be all that is needed. x

  2. I think you are right! I did a little internet research and found out that my problem may have been over drying. I will have to watch that one. :)


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