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Another day of rain

We had the best day in spite of the rain, don't get me wrong I love the rain very much but some times it gets in the way. We had planed to go out to Old Town Sacramento but the rain scared us away. So we went out to the "Thunder valley casino"

Source They have a super yummy buffet there and we took our good friends with us for breakfast. Mm yummylicious. After breakfast we went out to a couple of Antique shops and looked around. So much fun spending time with good friends and shopping too......

Rainy Day

Boy did it rain and rain yesterday. Here is a picture I took from the inside of my car while I ate my lunch. It was really dark, that's how just I like it when it rains. At one point there was hail coming down and making me wet..... I was soaked at one point. By the time I got home I was cold so I made some warm soup and climbed under some warm blankets! I hope that everyone has a great day!

Pineapple plant update

I was so happy when I started this project. I was really looking forward to the results of a great plant. This picture (above) that I took after I prepared this pineapple for rooting looks good but... things did not turn out like I planed. I have been changing the water every day and watching it closely for roots to appear. This week end I forgot about it as I went about my daily happenings and this morning when I went to change the water this is what I found.....(Below)
AAAAAACCCCCKKKKKK!!!!!! MOLD! I immediately picked it up and put it in the trash! Well, I guess here is another EPIC Fail lol but that is okay I learned some things that I think will help next time.
1. Don't purchase the pineapple and then let it sit for a week before you plant it. (it dies as it ripens)
2. Don't purchase a pineapple and then let is sit for a week lol just kidding I am going to try this again but I will not wait like I did last time. I think that my tooth pics were to low on this plant and I …

I love this man with all my heart

My dear, sweet husband taking a minute and enjoying the site by the river. This river leads to the ocean. We had taken a trip with his parents and they had treated us to dinner.
Here is my sweet man with his wonderful mother. One thing you should know about my husband is that he cannot stay still in a photo. He has to make wise cracks during the whole picture taking so sometimes I get funny pictures like the one below.
What he said in this picture caused the me to laugh so hard below.  You can tell by the look on his face that he is proud of himself. lol. I cannot tell you what he said though lol its a secret, but I still laugh today when I think about it.
On our trip with his parents his mother wanted to go to the ocean and put her feet in the water. She lives in Nevada and does not get this way to often so Joe being the dutiful son walked her down to the shore line.
What you should know is that she needs a walker to walk with because she has had ten back surgery's and is not in…

Chicken Enchiladas

Mm nothing like home made Mexican food on a cold rainy day and this was just what the Dr. ordered.....Creamy Chicken Enchiladas   I shredded up a whole roasted chicken removing the skin and bones Added olives, cream of chicken soup, and four or five cups of rice and mixed it all together. Thinking back now I could have added sauteed onions and some corn or even peas!!!! I LOVE peas but my husband would not eat any if I added them and then some fresh ground white pepper would have been wonderful also I mixed it all up and placed a scoop onto the shell and topped it off with a large pinch of shredded cheese. I used taco size shells and then rolled it up and placed it seam side down into the casserole pan. You should either grease the pan with spray "Pam" or use a little of the soup on the bottom like I did.  I topped it all off with some Cream of chicken soup and baked it at 350 deg. for twenty min then pulled it out and added the shredded cheese and baked for another five mi…

Pineapple Plant

I was surfing through you tube the other day and found this Video on planting your own Pineapple plant so I purchased this great pineapple for $1.99 at Food Source. This pineapple was really ripe when I purchased it and I did not get around to preparing it for a week and a half afterward. I think that was too long because it started to spoil.
 To prepare the pineapple to be planted you have to remove the green leafy part from the fruit. To do that you grab the leafy top at the base of the Pineapple and twist it.  Once you start twisting it you will hear some snapping and ripping sounds and then it should pop right off. You do not want to cut it because that will leave some of the fruit and it will mold because of the sugar content in the pineapple.  And here is the top separated from the Pineapple. (You can see the pot in the background here I had planned on planting it after removing the lower leaves but there were no roots) Next you turn the leaves upside down and pull off the firs…


I have no update on Kota yet but now Bailey is sick, we took him to the vet and he said that it could be pancreatitis or some kind of bladder tumor. We are waiting for the lab results and in the mean time he is not happy at all. Look at his eyes, he would not even look at me and his ears are pasted back on his head.... poor baby he does not feel good at all. The vet gave him some pain meds and when he came home he appeared to be better but he is still not normal bailey.


I forgot that I had this bulb in a tiny pot in my back yard. I went out side the other day and this is what I found. The poor thing is growing in spite of the fact that I have forgotten it. I can hardly wait to see it grow up into the beautiful flower that it will become.

Cardiac appointment

My poor Kota is sick..... We do not know what happened to him but one morning I woke up and he was not breathing. After getting him breathing again I took him to the vet and we found out that his heart is enlarged and his trachea is out of place and bent. Now we have to see the Cardiologist.....? I didn't know they had doggie cardiologists. They want to do a ultra sound and send him home with a halter monitor.....WOW, well what ever they can do to help me...... I had a heart attack when I woke up to him choking and not breathing....Man! my poor heart cannot take that

With out glasses

I took this photo and was surprised that it was unfocused. My camera has a auto focus and figures it out automatically, I guess that there was something on the lens. Looking at this picture I wondered to myself if this is what the little boy with coke bottle glasses sees when he takes them off???  I have been blessed greatly to not rely on glasses to see. I have reading glasses now that I am older but I do not use them half the time anyway. My heart goes out to that sweet child and his need for glasses but to him it has always been this way and he does not miss what he has never known. Attitude... Life is all about attitude and how we decide to be, think and behave. I sure can learn a lot from that sweet child!


So today as I sat in the parking lot of the hospital eating my lunch I watched as a senior couple came out and walked to their car. It was a old man pushing his wife in her wheel chair. I was very touched by the tenderness this man gave to her. It took him about five minutes to get her from the chair to the car, it was not because he was struggling it was because he was being cautious of her. He held her tightly and tenderly, moved slowly and gently placed her into the front seat of the car where he proceeded to put a pillow behind her back, cover her with a blanket lowered the sun shade and adjusted her again. His wife was ridged, I am not sure what caused that and am not going to guess I was extremely touched by his tender ministrations to his wife. After he put the chair in the trunk he then got into the car him self where he made sure that her belt was fixed and even adjusted her again. Wow! What love. 

Last week while sitting in the same place eating my lunch I watched as a senior…

Epic fail

So I follow a blog that I LOVE and wanted to try some of the great ideas on the site and one of them was fabric softener. So I pulled out the ingredients and made some. It called for six cups of water, three cups of vinegar and two cups of hair conditioner. You mix it all up and add as normal in to the rinse cycle or spritz a wash cloth and add to the dryer.   Here is my bottle of fabric softener waiting to be added to my wash when it was done.
I spritzed the wash cloth until it was dripping and threw it into the dryer, I added all my clothes that are nylon and dedicates (you know the ones that if static is anywhere to be found it is found here) into the dryer and started it. When the dryer went off I really was excited to see if it worked.......I opened up the dryer and my nose was assaulted by the strong odor of vinegar. I pulled the first item out and it was static free, I was happy. Next I pulled out my skirt and glued to that was my slip then my blouse and a lot of crackling sou…