Valentines day 2012

 This is what I made for my husband for Valentines day. Do you remember these? They are so much fun to make and you can use just about any candy bar that you can make up a saying with. (Sorry about my toes in the pic :-(  
 Here is what I wrote, Happy Valentines day (sweetheart)
 I (looked)
 Everywhere for a (big hunk) 
 like you and I (skored)
 I know I'm being (nerdy)
 but I am over (joyed)
 and (nutrageously) happy
 I could have searched the (milky way) for ever and not found someone like you
 You are worth more than a (100 grand)
 To me and I love you to (pieces) 
 I sure got a big (pay day) when I found you
 I know you may be filled with (snickers)
 But I love you with all my heart and soul, you're my (baby)
 Then I folded the board like a science project and put it on the bed for him to find when he got home

This is from him to me
 I was so surprised to find this from my husband and I love it
 Who does not love strawberry's and chocolate, well I guess some one does BUT NOT ME!!!
 Mmmmmm............ Mouth watering
And sooooooooo yummy! Thank you my Valentine baby, sweetheart, sugar baby, honey pot, sugar plum I love you!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 
And a very happy Valentines day to the rest of you today


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