Pizza Bites

I found a really good recipe Here for Crescent Pepperoni Roll-ups and thought that I would give it a try. If you pop over to the link, you can see what a clean and great job they did, I am not as clean lol but it was just as tasty I am sure. I differed a little in the construction in that I added some Pizza sauce directly onto the crescent rolls then added the pepperoni and cheese sticks.
Each package of "Crescent rolls makes 8 so open them up and lay them down like this
Then I spread the sauce, a generous spoof full on top of the roll. Next I put on the pepperoni and then the string cheese. I took the Mozzarella string cheese and first cut it in half twice long ways and then cut the length into half's, you can get the idea from my picture
Then added them to the pan and just followed the cooking instructions for the bread rolls. Mine were 375 dg. for 11 min.
They are done. You can see that it is really messy but they are very nummy
I think that the site called Plain Chicken where I got this idea from did a much better job BUT!!!!!! I had a lot of fun and they tasted really great!
My husband loved them and had me make some extra to share with a friend


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