Home made bubble gum candy jars

 My future daughter in law came over to spend the day with me and we had the best day! She is such a sweet, kind and loving person and I am so happy that I will be able to call her daughter! I am so proud of my son for his great choice in a wife, he has great taste...... Well on to the craft! Above is the finished project.
 Here are the items that I used, acrylic paint, sponge brush, terracotta pot and saucer and a round bowl
 I painted the pot and it only took two coats
 One wooden knob for the handle then I used my hot glue gun to attach it to the lid
 I glued the glass bowl on top of the upside down pot with a hot glue gun, make sure not to glue the top because then you will not be able to add the candy. This is the done project now to the decorations
 I took some letter beads and strung a tiny ribbon through the holes and then glued the ribbon on the back, but I also glued the first and last letter to hold the beads tight
 I made this one for my sister and her family, they are always fixing all of my electronic products and I can never pay them because they will not take my money so I try to find ways to do things for them that they cannot refuse. They love any thing Disney so I know that they will love this one
 This one I did for me and in shades of purple or lilac in honor of my baby girl
I used a white primer first and found that it took three coats to cover the pot with the lilac and it did not dry very fast so maybe a primer was not needed
 Next I added some left over shells and pebbles from my Project "I love you because" frame and hot glued them on the pot

 I used a large conch shell for the knob
 I added sand that I had left over from this Project

 I had found the shells and rocks at the local thrift store and added pearl beads

 And here is the finished project! I am happy with the simpleness of this jar. I do not eat candy so I added other stuff to it
 I thought that it looked nice next to the picture frame that I made earlier even though the colors are different they still match
 Here are the ones that my soon to be daughter in law made, the red and pink one!
She did such a really great job! And I must give her the credit for the decoration of my blue one because I must have changed my mind a hundred times and was struggling and she helped me figure out what I wanted to do! 


  1. On my own opinion, I think that its great to make Home made bubble gum candy jars. I think that its very colorful and creative. I know that your loved one would appreciate your hard work in making them.


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