Heart Garland

I wanted to make something by hand to decorate my window with for Valentines day so I picked out a few different colors of scrapbook paper and chose which ones to use. I tend to like the fire red and autumn colors, chili pepper, oranges kind of like a fiesta of colors bright and vibrant but for this project I chose the pale pinks. You will also need a ruler, stapler and scissors 
Now you want to fold all the pages in half like this  
Make sure and put a hard crease in each page for a crisp fold, this makes the bottom fold of your heart
Then with a ruler I marked a one inch line and cut across. I did this for the entire page
This is what I came up with, you can see the fold line on one of the strips on the left of this picture
Next take the open end of the paper and staple it together like this, that is how your heart is made
 Then thread a different color paper through and staple the same way as above, make sure that if you have one sided color print paper like I do here that you put the print on the outside of the heart
 Then add another color page strip and staple again making sure to keep the print on the outside 
 And finally the last color and staple again. You can use any color combination or just one color, you are only limited by your imagination or creativity (of which I lack and often need help, my son helps me here)
 Now just repeat the above steps until you have a garland that is the desired length that you need or want
 I did find that the longer the garland got the heaver it became so handle it carefully when you pick it up so that it does not tear
Also when hanging the garland I found that I had to adjust the little hearts because some of them were upside down or stretched to far and by adjusting them it fixed the stress on the heart. I hope that this was easy enough to follow and that you have fun making them. This is an easy craft that the kids can do and there is no mess. Depending on the age of your children you may want to cut the papers for them or let them use child friendly scissors and remember supervision is always needed for children around scissors. Happy crafting everyone!


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