Gift wrapping soap

 Today I spent the day with two women that I love bunches and wanted to give them something that would put a smile on their sweet faces. I thought and thought of what I could make and came up with this idea. 
 First I dug out some scrap book paper that was of similar color
 Next I purchased some really great smelling bar soap and removed the packaging. Then I gift wrapped it in some white paper. (I used freezer wrap) I found this soap and the scent is so yummy that you could eat it, well maybe not soap but it smells so gooooooood!
 Now I used my ruler cutter and made strips with the solid color papers. I made four strips of two colors that made two gift sets of soap. I just taped the strip on the back
 Here is the purple, sorry about the focus, I guess I was to close
 After I added the solid color strips I next made a strip for each bar of soap and used the scallop scissors to decorate the edges for each strip  
 On the back I put the name of the soap scent
 I labeled the soaps with two words "My Moment" The idea being that while you shower you close your eyes and take in the scent and meditate on your happy place. Allowing the relaxing flow of the water and the scent to relax and de-stress you. I just used copy paper from my printer and printed this "My Moment" four times and cut them out with the scalloped scissors. I cut a rectangle of opposite contrasting paper and used double sided sticky tape to attach it to the top side. 
 I stacked the two of them together and wrapped them with curling ribbon

Here they are......Two sets of special soap for a ten minute escape for two very loved family members. I love you two <3 <3 <3 <3 thank you so much for the great day and the lunch and the laughter, I really needed it today. 


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