Dog problems

Not sure who did this but I have a idea that it was Ringo. You can see the dried blood on the wire from where he tried and tried until he bled to get out of the gate....Grrrrr.
He has been chewing anything that he finds lately and I am not sure what is going on so we purchased this $31.00 chew toy that is worthless and only got to use it one time and this is what we came home to.
We purchased this at Wal Mart and I have seen this work before. Ringo thinks that he can chew anything he wants to and will if left a lone for a minute soooooooo
Joe ran down to Home Depo and put this together for us
It is the newest in doggy fashion for the home
A brand new doggy gate
Ugggggg......... Now I have this door in my bedroom to keep the dogs in because they cannot be left out, they get into everything and they are too small to leave outside especially if it rains. Yucky Ugly Fence.....pppffftttttt........ What I have to put up with for my four legged baby's. but I think no matter how ugly this is it will work and Ringo will not have to go to the vet for breaking his teeth or have surgery because he ate the plastic on the fence or even the wires. I do not think that he will ever learn....goofy dogs


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