A brand new home

Up against the deep blue sky the bright white color of her new home was startling. She fell in love with it but that was not the only thing that she loved about her new home. With all the different colors surrounding it were just as bold, the greens and browns that greeted her every time she came and went made her know she was home.

Finding this new home had been a very fast and exhaustive search consuming all of her waking hours looking absolutely everywhere. She and her mate had spent the last two weeks looking for what they said would be "the perfect place" and this was it.

Their new home was in a area that was considered safe and all the other homes around there were nice too but this home... their home out did them all. The house was very high up and protected from the weather quite well on all sides just in case in the future they welcomed some little ones.

After picking this home she and her mate had began the process of moving in and in very short order just like they had hoped the couple were soon to be new parents.

This home had to be the very best for the two and the soon to be family! So off they went to find things to make their home comfortable. Finding the right items to bring into their home would make or break a place so they were very particular in their search and every once and a while an item would have to be removed because it did not work. But in the end they had a beautiful home ready for their new family.

The days came and went, the home became a place that was a social center for just about everyone in the neighborhood but as the sun went down and everyone left for their own homes she couldn't help but feel extreme anticipation. Their home was empty and quiet and she longed for sweet tiny sounds of a family to fill the days and nights.

One night as she sat lost in her own musings under the setting sun she felt different than she ever had before....dare she hope? Could it be? was her life to change forever? Yes it was...

Early the next morning her dreams came true... her home was filled with the sweet musical sounds that she had been waiting for filling her heart with great happiness, joy and love. Now her life was complete! 
As time went on many happy times were spent caring for her little ones. 

The trees now being transformed into a musical symphony for everyone to enjoy. Those who passed by would stop and gaze up searching for the object from where the lovely sound came. Some came to sit on a bench near by meditating to the sound filling their souls with pure joy

So the next time you pass a flowering fruit tree look up and see if you can find the new home of a very happy mother Chickadee making her new home for the family that she will nurture and grow and then to help to soar high

This is a story that I wrote for a friend of mine that is no longer with us. I was sitting at my computer one day getting ready to send him a message and was looking out the window at a tree in my back yard. It was spring time and the trees were blooming and the birds were making nests and I had been watching over a few days these two birds and this story popped into my head. I know it is not the best but it was personal and I wrote it in about fifteen minutes for a friend that I felt needed a small distraction from his illness.... and I would like to think that it worked.


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