The Cottage on the mountain

There is a lake at the base of a group of mountains. On the edge of that lake is a boat dock that is long and large but being very well weathered by the many seasons that have visited the lake for some years.

Sitting on that lake is a small white sail boat drifting here and there with the gentle winds that softly push it around the lake.

Beyond the boat dock is a small gravel path that being over grown with the wild flowers leads up to the small bench half way up the hill so walkers may take respite for moments while at the same time gazing out over the beauty of the lake.

On the bench sits a robin hoping back and forth in the gentle sun pecking here and there.

Further up the path  sits a small cottage upon a small foundation of rocks under a group of very large and old quaking aspen trees. A small cobble stone path leads you right up to the small set of stairs that face the bright blue front door of the cottage. Flowers surround the cottage everywhere even hanging in front of the large picture frame windows which allow the beauty of nature to permeate the small front room.

Sitting on the deck is a small kitten licking his paws and every now and then staring up at the small flock of wrens sitting up high in the tree singing to the world. Off in the distance is a lone cry from a hawk soaring high above the lake upon the gentlest of winds.

Poking his head out between a small grove of trees a buck sniffs and tastes the air and finding nothing of concern he enters the small garden with his family of two snow white fawns and a doe to eat upon the lushest grass in the valley. The two fawns after getting their fill start prancing and playing around as they and their parents wander off back into the forest.

As the sun starts to go down a small group of butterfly's flutter by on their way home for the day and the sounds of the night begin to wake up. From the top of the cottage wafts upward the smoke from the gentle fire burning in the hearth that brings warmth to all residing there.

Pulling the boat up to the dock a woman steps out and stretches reaching towards the sky as her two small dogs jump out and start chasing each other off the docks and into the grassy area of the shore. Tying up the sail boat she makes the small trek toward the house humming to herself as she walks. Just before she reaches the front door it opens and out steps the man that is the love of her life and as he greets her they walk hand in hand into the house.

As day becomes night the suns rays shine yellow, orange, red and then pink as the sun says good night on another day of pure bliss in the cottage on the meadow in the mountains on the shore.
This story was written by me Eva Spell


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