Lost Loved Ones'

I love the people in this picture.
They all are gone now, they all passed the last few years and none of them old enough to go yet. My Uncle Jim being the one on the right just passing last month. In this picture are my two uncles and an aunt. all of them under sixty. Grrrrr This is the part of life that I could do without..... losing loved ones.
Uncle Frank on the left was always the cool uncle. He was about eleven years or so older than me and could make you laugh easily. Then next to him is Aunt Amy, she had polio but was one of the sweetest persons that you could know sweet as apple pie.
Then next uncle Jim he came from the bay area every year to our house as I was growing up for Christmas, Thanks giving and New Year. Our house was so fun when he was around we would all sit around a puzzle and put it together and have fun trying to get the last piece in. He was a joker and also an enigma he never married and as far as we knew never had a girlfriend or boyfriend. When he had his heart attack there were three men dressed in black (I know this sounds funny but it really happened) came to the hospital with a black brief case and hand cuffs. They went through my uncles brief case and took stuff out then hand cuffed the case they brought to their hands then left...... I was speechless. Kind of weird, but he was high up in the company that he worked for. Unfortunately my uncle went with out oxygen for more than twenty minutes and suffered brain damage that he never recovered from and had to have in care for the last couple years of his life. The really sad thing was that he was going to retire in a year or so to do world traveling that he had always wanted to do. He had worked all his life and not done much but just that work. So he saved all his money and was going to travel and enjoy the last part of his life.....well that did not happen. I miss them all very much


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