I Love You Because

This weekend I traveled to my parents house in Nevada for a fun craft project that I found on
A Content housewife blog site. I loved this idea so much that I called my mother and sisters and said that we have to do this so I had everyone gather up the supplies and here is what we all came up with.
This is my finished frame. (Bad picture I REALLY have to get a new camera!)
So I started with a 8x10 picture frame, I found this one at Ross for 5.99 but also found some really great ones at a thrift store for 1.99
Then I played around with the font and size of this sentence and placed it in the top right corner
I had in mind a seascape and I found some really great stickers at Walmart for just 3.00 and I put them directly on the paper
Then before I framed it I took everything out and on one corner I taped the edges and then sprayed it with some car trim adhesive that my husband had in the garage and then plastered it with some clean sand I had left over from another project.
And here is how it turned out.....Not to bad I think
I found these rocks at the thrift store along with the sea shells and hot glued them on the frame
Not to bad for thrift store find. Most of them were not broken at all.
And here it is again.......tada! I love the beachy feel
My sister Vickie made this one. So cute with all the bubbles and dolphins
My sister Irene made this one. Dogwood flowers very sweet and simple

My sister Shauna made this one. She LOVES butterfly's. I love tie dye. Very colorful

My mother made this one, She put word strips down so that way the thought is always out there and she does not have to write anything down each time on the frame. So this way the thought is always implied

Then when everything was all said and done.......(Drum Roll) I needed a drink....
Just kidding but I was really thirsty having not paid attention to my thirst for over four hours. All in all it was a fun day for everyone involved and after we cleaned up we finished the evening with some great food! Thank you family for the great day


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