Homemade Bread

I.........Love to cook! and I love homemade bread. I got up one Saturday and had decided that I was going to make some bread that day so I got out all of the ingredients and thought to my self that I would make my own flour as well that way I have a nutrient packed loaf.
So I pulled out my hand mill and started cranking. I was having so much fun.......for about the first two of the next four hours lol then my arm started hurting.

So here on the right is my white wheat and I made it into flour on the left. Easy right? Hummmm
Next came the mixing and the kneading and then the rise, all of that took about another two hours for both.
Next came the greasing of the loaf pans which I should have done in the very beginning but I am one to get way ahead of myself often. So I left the bread on the bread board so that I could split it in half and then add it to the pans but........
I knocked the board over with my arm as I was moving the loaf pans and all of a sudden my uncooked bread was taking a leap off my counter onto the floor.....
grrrrr eight hours of work sitting on the floor in ruin.
Lessons learned.....purchase a electric mill, grease your pans first and leave the bread on the table until ready to move it.

I have to admit there for a nano second I thought about cooking it anyway, my granny would have and then she would have said it will not kill you, got to love granny


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