Emergency Heater

I made this emergency heater last week for my earth quake kit for when the electricity goes out and I am freezing. It is really easy and very basic.
Step one, take the center roll out of the tissue paper
Step two, put your tissue paper into the quart size unused paint can and add 70% rubbing alcohol until it is completely saturated 
Step three, light the alcohol and it will warm you up. You can use these in your cars too but make sure to leave one window cracked as there is a tiny amount of carbon monoxide.
As the alcohol is used up just put out the fire and add more and re light. keep the lid on tightly when not in use so the alcohol does not dry up. Also on the outside of the gallon can tape a paint can opener and a lighter so that you always know where they are then put the quart canister into the empty unused gallon sized paint can and put the lid on and store it with your earthquake kit


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