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The Coat: A Story of Charity

We need a world filled with the charity that this little boy has

Our Trip to the City and the Aquarium

Here is a small video of the massive amount of fish in the moving tunnel we rode on in the aquarium. It was so pretty to watch

Ringo Baby

Here is my sweet Ringo using his toy as a pillow. He is so funny I am really happy that I have my two sweet babies to keep me happy. Looks like Ringo needs a hair cut though.

Ceramic Stars

I was at the thrift store on Friday last week and was looking for some sea shells to add to the Picture frames that we made last week and I stumbled across this great find. I am not sure what I am going to do with them yet......any ideas?
I thought maybe I could do a mosaic or a picture of some sort....hum not really sure yet but I bet I can find a great idea on pintrest!
Each star is made out of ceramic and has a gold embossed word on it
They are very breakable
Dream, wish, love, believe

The Cottage on the mountain

There is a lake at the base of a group of mountains. On the edge of that lake is a boat dock that is long and large but being very well weathered by the many seasons that have visited the lake for some years.

Sitting on that lake is a small white sail boat drifting here and there with the gentle winds that softly push it around the lake.

Beyond the boat dock is a small gravel path that being over grown with the wild flowers leads up to the small bench half way up the hill so walkers may take respite for moments while at the same time gazing out over the beauty of the lake.

On the bench sits a robin hoping back and forth in the gentle sun pecking here and there.

Further up the path  sits a small cottage upon a small foundation of rocks under a group of very large and old quaking aspen trees. A small cobble stone path leads you right up to the small set of stairs that face the bright blue front door of the cottage. Flowers surround the cottage everywhere even hanging in front of the la…

Aha! I have proof

My husband is a big chocoholic and often when I clean up the room I find small wrappers in the funniest places so when I was making the bed the other morning I found this.

A chocolate wrapper;
It was under his pillow and it was so surprising that I had to laugh!

This picture use to be a normal night prep at bed time.... lol getting all his ducks in a row or should I say chocs in a row. I find this so fun about my husband, all the different things he does and the way he does them makes him a special person in my view. I love my man

I Love You Because

This weekend I traveled to my parents house in Nevada for a fun craft project that I found on
A Content housewife blog site. I loved this idea so much that I called my mother and sisters and said that we have to do this so I had everyone gather up the supplies and here is what we all came up with.
This is my finished frame. (Bad picture I REALLY have to get a new camera!)
So I started with a 8x10 picture frame, I found this one at Ross for 5.99 but also found some really great ones at a thrift store for 1.99
Then I played around with the font and size of this sentence and placed it in the top right corner
I had in mind a seascape and I found some really great stickers at Walmart for just 3.00 and I put them directly on the paper
Then before I framed it I took everything out and on one corner I taped the edges and then sprayed it with some car trim adhesive that my husband had in the garage and then plastered it with some clean sand I had left over from another project.
And here is how it tu…

A happy Takota

Lost Loved Ones'

I love the people in this picture.
They all are gone now, they all passed the last few years and none of them old enough to go yet. My Uncle Jim being the one on the right just passing last month. In this picture are my two uncles and an aunt. all of them under sixty. Grrrrr This is the part of life that I could do without..... losing loved ones.
Uncle Frank on the left was always the cool uncle. He was about eleven years or so older than me and could make you laugh easily. Then next to him is Aunt Amy, she had polio but was one of the sweetest persons that you could know sweet as apple pie.
Then next uncle Jim he came from the bay area every year to our house as I was growing up for Christmas, Thanks giving and New Year. Our house was so fun when he was around we would all sit around a puzzle and put it together and have fun trying to get the last piece in. He was a joker and also an enigma he never married and as far as we knew never had a girlfriend or boyfriend. When he h…

Homemade Bread

I.........Love to cook! and I love homemade bread. I got up one Saturday and had decided that I was going to make some bread that day so I got out all of the ingredients and thought to my self that I would make my own flour as well that way I have a nutrient packed loaf.
So I pulled out my hand mill and started cranking. I was having so much fun.......for about the first two of the next four hours lol then my arm started hurting.

So here on the right is my white wheat and I made it into flour on the left. Easy right? Hummmm
Next came the mixing and the kneading and then the rise, all of that took about another two hours for both.
Next came the greasing of the loaf pans which I should have done in the very beginning but I am one to get way ahead of myself often. So I left the bread on the bread board so that I could split it in half and then add it to the pans but........
I knocked the board over with my arm as I was moving the loaf pans and all of a sudden my uncooked bread was taking a le…
I got this really great gift from my son for Christmas and I have had so much fun with it. At first it was hard to stir until I became familiar with the levers and now I can take off and land with not to much problem. My son purchased a large one for himself and my other son has one also and it is so much fun flying them together in the same room. There is a lot of crashing into each other but it is still fun! I placed the helicopter next to my drinking glasses for a size comparison as you can see it is small. I can hold it in the palm of my hand but I love it a lot!

Emergency Heater

I made this emergency heater last week for my earth quake kit for when the electricity goes out and I am freezing. It is really easy and very basic.
Step one, take the center roll out of the tissue paper
Step two, put your tissue paper into the quart size unused paint can and add 70% rubbing alcohol until it is completely saturated 
Step three, light the alcohol and it will warm you up. You can use these in your cars too but make sure to leave one window cracked as there is a tiny amount of carbon monoxide.
As the alcohol is used up just put out the fire and add more and re light. keep the lid on tightly when not in use so the alcohol does not dry up. Also on the outside of the gallon can tape a paint can opener and a lighter so that you always know where they are then put the quart canister into the empty unused gallon sized paint can and put the lid on and store it with your earthquake kit

Takota's new hair cut

My sweet Kota got a bath and a trim today.
He is starting to be more calm as time goes by but he is still a hyper little man.
He and Ringo loves to play races around the front room, it is a lot of fun to watch.

Wedding a family affair

I am so beyond happy about my son and his girlfriend getting engaged! They have been dating for some time and now are getting married. I love this picture it is a really cute idea for "save the date cards." I am happy that they are getting married it gives our family something to celebrate in our lives this year. Having something to focus on for this year is giving us a nice change. And the MOST exciting thought for me is that I am going to hear the sound of pitter patter in our house some time in the future although when I asked my son he said "not any time soon mom, maybe a year or more." Oh well I have been waiting this long I guess I can wait a little while longer even if I am impatient. lol

The Nativity Experience

I love to blog surf and I came across this blog that I really love it's called "Then she made" She is fun and I love this idea that she came up with called "The Nativity experience"  I am SOOOOO doing this!!!!! I love the idea and the thought of making someone happy with out knowledge of whom surprised them is so much fun for me. I love to see the joy of people being surprised because it brings me joy to see theirs. I may post the pictures later of the Nativity that I purchase.