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Happy New Year 2013

Here are my sweet son and daughter in law!
I love this picture! 
I wish everyone a great New Year filled with lots of love and happiness!

New Year

I am going to miss my tree after I take it down this year...
It is "I guess" the end of one year and the beginning of the next that gets me
I love to clean up after Christmas but I miss the warm decorations I take down each year

Unknown Vegetable

Here is a picture of a vegi that has been growing in our back yard all summer
Now my husband picked it yesterday and we are not really sure what it is
The vine it grew on had a large yellow trumpet flower and large green leaf's
I am thinking it is a zucchini squash... but not sure 

Snowman Poop

Twenty five years ago my Nana gave my husband some snowman poop and he still has it. Of course it is no longer eatable but it is one thing he treasures from her. And this year he has asked me to make some for him to pass out to all his friends... I love my husband and his great sense of humor.
Here is how you make it... 
Just fill small Christmas decorated plastic bag with mini marshmallows (I get small ones) and then add some curly ribbon and this poem and attach it to the bag 
"I heard you were naughty so here's the scoop All you get for Christmas is some snowman poop"
It's lots of fun to pass these out and see the reaction on everyone's faces

Gingerbread houses 2012

I had fun teaching my new daughter in law how to make a gingerbread house We also had her mother and cousin working with us I think that all of the houses turned out really great and we had a really great night laughing and having fun! I think everyone did really great for their first time making ginger bread houses, although I have to say that it is really hard to mess up a house and this is proof that it can be done by anyone! Great job everyone!

Last pictures of the Honey Moon Cruse

Here are the last few pictures of my son and daughter in law from their honeymoon cruse This one is so cute they got on the ship and took this one with the ship tower in the back ground Here is dinner time, they are so cute together This place is so cool. The room starts out a blank palet and then slowly from the ceiling color starts to fill the room  Now you can see the color on the wall went from white to all the colors behind them. Really cool Kicking it on the bridge of the ship  And it wouldn't be a Disney Curse without a breakfast with a Disney Character

Cruse Time

Here are the pictures from the Cruse my son is on for his honeymoon. I will get more when he gets back into the country again... I miss him sooooo much! My sister and her family gave these to my son and daughter in law for their trip... I love them Minnie and Mickey hats lol so sweet

Finally on board the big ship My son sent this picture in a txt and said that his luggage was somewhere down there "So close but yet so far" lol he is so funny I thought that the rooms were smaller than this. They really do not look that small
Happy couple This was the last picture he sent as they were leaving port for ten days. I got a voice mail from him last night saying that it cost seven dollars a minute to call so he talked really fast and said we are good and happy and that he loved us... Such a sweet son! I will be happy to see him again

Disneyland Honeymoon

My son and his new bride are taking a Disney curse down the western coast for their honeymoon But first they stopped at Disneyland here can you see the castle in the back ground Mickey Mouse Pumpkin patch LOL It's a bug's life with glasses and all So cute I think this is part of the new "Radiator City" at Disneyland This is my most favorite ride in Disneyland "Pirates of the Caribbean"  LOL a White wall tire hat from Luigi's tire shop in Radiator Springs

This was so cute my son said that the cost from this pump is .63 cents a gallon compared to our $4.50 here he said it is a steal and he wished that it cost that little today. I laughed at him and told him that when I was a teenager gas went up over .50 cents a gallon and we thought it was highway robbery. I can remember thinking that if gas went up much more that everyone would walk... boy was I wrong
What an inventive drinking container... a pylon as a cup Wow this tower of tires is really large  My s…

Bridal Shower

I love bridal showers they are filled with happiness and love. You get to see a new and beginning relationship and you hope and pray that this new relationship will blossom and flourish in the coming years and that it endures for a life time in today's world
This particular bride to be spent time with me and our daughter in her last days (among others). She came and visited her and gave comfort and love where she could. I am so happy that she has now found her love of her life and is starting a new journey with him. He seems like the perfect man for her and he is a nice guy
 Such a cute idea for decorations for the table It was a great day with super people filled with love and joy!

Wedding day pictures

This was the back drop for the ceremony at the wedding... what a sight it was 
Here is where the ceremony took place you can see the water feature in the background
This is the table where my son and new daughter in law sat for dinner. One of her girlfriends wrote this sign! I love her writing she did such a good job. My sweet son just before the wedding all smiles... He was not nervous at all he was just really happy. I love my baby boy Center pieces 

Here is the pastor that joined my two sweet ones. He is really a great man Here are my favorite men waiting for the wedding to start lol they are so great! I love them all Calm before the storm... Love this pic
Waiting for their cue to walk down the isle  This was sand to represent the beach where he proposed to his wife to be. You cannot see it but the ring that he used is in a shell inside and a picture of them on the beach and the words written in sand that says "will you marry me" 
candy table for wedding favors

The weddi…