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Happy New Year

Uuck! Such a bad picture of me but it is a testament to my dear sweet husband who after thirty one years of marriage that he can still make me laugh so hard that I could pee my pants.
My life with my husband has been just that "my life" I could not imagine any other life that I would have.
As I sit here typing this I am thinking back over the past years of my life and every thing that I have been through in it. With the exception of the loss of my baby girl there is nothing I would change (well maybe a few pounds would be ok) I am a happy woman with the best man I could ask for.
The new year I hope for our family would be a break in the terrible madness that has been our life for four years and that things get better for us all around. It would be nice to have a break now. But I am grateful for the many blessing I have in my life like, my husband, my sons, my soon to be daughter in law, my health and my job. I am thankful for a house over my head and food in my stomach. I lo…

Sweet Mandy

Here is a picture of my baby girl on a date with a few of her friends before Junior prom. She was so very beautiful and not just in appearance! I miss my baby girl especially at this time of year. Christmas was her most favorite day in the year.
Merry Christmas baby girl

Snowman Sugar cookies

Here are the really sweet cookies that Clayton made for his work tomorrow and their Christmas lunch. This cookie Clayton's fiance made, I so love that little bow she put on the top.
This one is a Mr. snowman that Clayton decorated. So sweet.
Here are all the ones that Clayton decorated with a little help from Cassandra. They got the idea from I had never heard of that site before but it is pretty cool. Another site that I like is Love it. I love the one in the middle with the big frown on it!

Takota or Koty for short

Look at our sweet new addition to our family. He is such a sweet baby boy! He has the biggest chocolate brown eyes and loves to give hugs. He is the perfect fit in our family! Thank you Armando and Marcie for picking us to have this sweet little man!

Christmas Tree 2011

Here is our Christmas tree for the year 2011
I love the blue ribbons
These white star, snow flake what ever they are ornaments are pretty
 Purple glass ornaments in honor of my baby girl
It was hard decorating this year......this was something that Mandy and I did together