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Gingerbread house from the 70'S

Here is the small ginger bread houses that I made back when I was a teen. Looks like I have gotten a tiny bit better! lol.

Update: here is a link to how I make them today

sweet video

I came across this video when I was reading Acorn pies this morning and it is very sweet

Gingerbread House

It's getting close to that time of the year when I make ginger bread houses. This has been a tradition in our family for as long as I can remember. I made my first one when I was about thirteen years old. I will try to find the one picture that I have of the one I made years ago and add it when I make my new houses for this year. I made this one for last year. It is so much fun making these.

Update: here is the link to the old picture from the 70's I made.

Winter Fire in the fireplace

Oh there is something so very warm and cozy about the winter fire. I love the beauty of the flames that are so mesmerizing.   They dance with grace and beauty and I love to watch them snuggled up in my over stuffed recliner.
I also have respect for the fire and all the dangers it can bring but I also am very appreciative of our first responders whom everyday put their lives on the line to save us

Hot home made potato soup

There is nothing better than a good hot bowl of soup on a rainy day.

So I am making some.  After sauteing the onions I added flour to the onions

Then some broth

And then my most Favorite ingredient Potatoes!

Let it all cook together and just before it is done I added some cheese and potato flakes to make it thick Mmm! Just what the tummy needed today