Trip to Hawthorne Nevada

I and my sister and parents drove to Hawthorne Nevada to help my sister and her family unpack into their new family home. Here are a few pictures that I shot of the view on the way there and back.
First here are some sandy mountains off in the distance
And some more sandy mountains
OH wait some trees
Then more sandy mountains
And some more
And Oh wait.....nope just more mountians
HEY a house!
And then more of this
and then this
and.... that water????
and more sandy mountains
Why yes that is water and it is sooooo blue but this pic is not showing the color to well
WOW I wonder how tall this mountain is? it has some snow on top but it does not come all the way down
It is so pretty but my sister said that it does not snow down at their level during the winter but just a couple days out of the year.....weird
more of this
And drum roll please...........the famous bear rock!
Ummmm ok looks kind of like a tiger to me or maybe a really big rodent
So now we are done at my sisters house and on the way home but the water we passed here has now become really deep blue so I thought that I would take some pictures of it.
other than the water there is surprisingly nothing to see out here but sand and sage brush with some rocks scattered around through our whole trip from Reno to Hawthorne and back.
But there is a great beauty even in that!
Being a California girl I guess that I am use to seeing a bunch of manicured lawns, tailored buildings or the beauty of the forests.
Miles and miles of sand is not as stimulating to the senses of the brain as the loud colors, shapes and sounds of the city.
But the beauty of the plains of the Nevada's holds its own wonder
And after I had a time to relax my over taxed senses I really felt a nice peace in this place where nature lives and man does not


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