My Homemade Rocket Stove

I made a rocket stove last weekend and here is how I did it. I took four tin cans and took off the tops and bottoms of three cans then just the top of the fourth one and left the bottom on.

Here are the cans. I took off the outside paper and rinsed them out. A good thing to watch for on your cans are the new bottoms because they are round and you cannot remove them so make sure that the cans you use can have the bottoms taken off. If you have a pampered chef can opener use it because that way there are no sharp edges
Also you will need a number ten can or one of similar size with the top cut off and saved for later use

Here are the three cans cut, one in half and up the side, one with a hole in it to put the third on inside of
Here is the fourth can you cut it to fit inside of the can on the bottom so that you can rest the sticks on it
A picture with some of the tools that I used and the lid to the number ten cut out for the top
You have to wear leather gloves because this is what you get when you cut the tin cans very sharp and dangerous also be careful of the shavings so that they do not fall on the carpet and you end up with a metal shard or splinter in your foot

here is the center being filled with pumice for insulation

Here it is filled

And the lid is on and it is done! It was relatively easy
Here it is in action with the fire and twigs

We made this
And it looks like this and tasted good and only took the same amount of time it would have to make on the stove in the house. Check out the you tube video I made of my working model!


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