DIY can food organizer

So I was reading a blog by Then she made and found this really cool way to make a soup storage can holder so I thought that I would try it myself so I start with a box like this
then I cut the end off of my box because my pantry doors would not close because the box was too long
then I taped the end I just cut off back to the place i just cut it off of but I tucked in the ends
then I cut half way down the place I just taped to make a hole that I can pull the cans from when I need one
Here is the finished end of one side
next on the opposite side I cut a hole in the top so that I can add new cans to the back as I buy them that way I always use the oldest first
next I took scrapbook paper and covered the box

I used this spray adhesive only because I love it! rubber cement will work just fine or what ever glue you wish

and here is my finished product! Woo Hoo I did this in only one hour! not bad I am quite happy with it.
see how it works.....cans in back and pull out the front

next I put it into my pantry now I have to make a bunch more so that I can put all my cans in order! I Love IT


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