Best friends for life

I have this friend that is more to me than a friend. She is like a real sister to me and I love her just as a sister. 
When I look back over my life and try to think about the people in my life I stop and think of what they have all meant to me. 
I have many friends and feel so lucky to have had. But the friendship they have given to me has caused me to feel truly blessed. 
But this one friend to me feels almost like we could be twins. She is kind, funny, has a great sense of humor, she offers herself to any that need her. She is a terrific mom and grandmother and wife.
I love this picture a lot because it is tranquil and has a calming effect on me. 
After only four months of losing my daughter my friend came and picked me up and took me on a get away for the two of us. She had just lost her husband only eight months previously herself and so it was kind of a sabbatical for the two of us. We the both of us still raw from loss and in great pain put it aside to spend a little time healing. 
Having visited the ocean we next went on a tour of Alcatraz and angel island and we also took a ride on the wine train in Napa Valley. 
The great thing about life is having friends that truly care and go that extra mile to lift you up or even just be there for you! Sometimes it's not about what they say or not say but can be about what they do. Just taking the time to come across the states from the east coast to the west coast just to be with me.....ME!!!!!! It fills my heart with love and makes me cry even now. The caring she gave to me was a balm to my soul. I do not remember what we said much to each other with the exception of one statement that I will never forget.  She said to me " I do not care what we do, or what we see because I came here to be with you and spend my time with you, so all the other stuff we get to do is just bonus for me." She is a friend of my heart and soul and I love her with all my heart.
It really is thanks to her sweet husband that we are friends today and that is something that I can never repay to him. He gave me a gift for life and for that I am eternally grateful.
The short of the story is that we, my friend and I were attending the same Lamaze classes and her husband came up to me and said "I think that you and my wife could be great friends what do you think?" That was it, we have been truly great friends since then. Going on twenty nine years now and just because we are on opposite sides of the country that makes distance a issue when we want to get together but when we talk on the phone it seems like we are just right next door. 
I of course would absolutely love to be closer in distance to her but I am still blessed to have her in what every way that is and for now that is it.
I hope that everyone takes the time to be a friend to someone who needs it. You do not have to travel like mine best friend did because there are people all around you that are in need of friendship. When you are a friend you get friends and my life is filled with the best!


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