I am following a blog called Down To Earth and today is her "Friday photo feature" so I am joining in and here is my photo for the day.

I love to watch things grow, I love to eat the things that grow in my yard, sometimes the waiting to eat things growing in my yard is hard but the reward is well worth it. Oranges are one of my most favorite things to eat!
As a child I would often visit my uncle and auntie. In their back yard they had a apricot tree that my siblings and my cousins and I would climb into and eat until we could eat no more.
If I had the time I would make my back yard a large garden and grow everything that I eat, but having to work it makes my time very short so I have to do with a small amount of items, but one day I will do more!


  1. All these posts about citrus tree's makes me long for one but it just gets too cold here in SC. Enjoy your oranges!


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