Hot Box/ Wonder Oven

Here is the Hot Box or Wonder Oven that I made, it was really easy to make

Here I am sewing the oven together 
Here is the finished bottom unstuffed
Here is the top un-stuffed
bottom stuffed
Top stuffed you can see that it is not to full so that there is room for the pan
The pan fits quite well inside

Here is my oven outside of the box

My finished box
This one belongs to my girlfriend 
Here she is putting it into the box you can see it is a perfect fit
I have made many things in my wonder oven and it works great, I had a girlfriend take ice cream to her sons soccer  game and the ice cream stayed completely frozen until they served it and the game usually lasts for at least a couple of hours. I have made soup in the morning and served it after 1:30 pm and it was still steaming hot well after four hours. My mother adapted this pattern and made a wonder box for her plastic 24 oz. watter bottle and they keep their water ice cold on the days that they do running around that takes hours. She even made a smaller pattern for a smaller pan. I used the water bottle box that she made for me to take some soup to Vern when he was in the nursing home about three hours away from me and the soup was still steaming hot in the Kerr jar that I poured it into when I took it to him. I love these things and I am going to try to make bread in one next time right now I am saving the cans needed to make the bread in. I will see if it works out and let you know if it does


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