FLY Lady message to me! I love FLY Lady

This picture was drawn by my son! He is so talented! I like it because it is how I want to tackle my clutter this week lol 

So I joined up with the FLY Lady and have been loving all the really great advice she gives! Here is a short list that I took pieces of from her e-mail that she sent me. I thought that I would share here a little of what I think is great advice! you can check out her Fly Lady site here

Dear Friends,

Clutter has a way of taking over our lives. 
Clutter becomes that unwanted house guest that you can't get rid of. 
It robs us of peace while we are home and it also steals any bit of joy when we leave home; the dread of returning to that mess. 
What about those of you that will not even go anywhere because of the chaotic state of your home.

1. Clutter filled homes, are not welcoming to friends or family.

2. Clutter in your home, does not allow your mind and body to rest.

3. Clutter tells the world that you are not worthy.

4. Clutter never wants you to leave home.

5. Clutter loves to make you sick.

6. Clutter's main sustenance is chaos.

7. Clutter loves ignorance, because you know no other way to live.

It is time to put clutter in his place and send him packing from whence he came.


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