William Apedaile, Family research and the Royal Wedding

I have said before about my love for family history and with the Royal Wedding today it made me think about William Apedaile who was born in England and who is my Great Grandfather. I did some searching about the place that he was born and now I have to go there! I want to see the town that he was born in and the area he spent some time. He was young when his family came to America so he did not spend to much time there but his father and mother did. I am really happy to have this picture of William and I hope to take a trip to visit his grave on my next vacation in May. I have always wanted to go to London and England and look forward to the day that I can! Did you get to see the Royal Wedding? I loved watching it. I have a few family members there in England that I have never met and would love to attend a family reunion there some day. I was blessed to watch the Royal Wedding of Charles and Diana also. All stops were pulled out for that one and the one today was very nice but different and I think that they did a really great job


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