Sugar Easter Eggs

Here is the beginning of the sugar easter egg that I made I just went to a store and purchased a plastic hollow egg that split in half and filled it with some of the mix I made which was; sugar, water with food color in it just until it was moistened. I pressed the mix in the egg then turned it out onto a hard cutting board with the flip method. then waited 24 hours and turned it over and scraped out the inside until I was happy with the thickness and let it dry for another 24 hours
now comes the fun of putting them together, I used a royal icing recipe for the glue

The top half of this one broke so it was made with only the bottom but it turned out really cute anyway

Here is me being really tired to the point of being REALLY Goofy LOL. I used the left over royal icing
Here are all the finished eggs, we chose to make them all on their sides instead of standing up but next year I may try to make the standing ones. The bottom front right egg was made in the night mare before easter theme.


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