Names in the sand

Names in the to my man.......LOL I love him so much he is a man that would do anything for me and that makes me feel loved beyond anything. I love the way he opens up the doors for me, the way that he will literally drop everything that he is doing too, even if he is up to his elbows in fixing the cars or WHAT ever it is he is doing to help me with even the most of insignificant things and not have an attitude about it, but have a true desire to help me with what ever it was that I needed his help with. WOW! I really try to not take that for granted! I love this man with my whole self! AND Not only that but if I mention to him that I really would like this or that, he goes and gets it or finds a way to get it for me SOOOOO I don't mention things to often or we would go broke LOL. Not really but he is the man of my dreams and the man that makes me laugh and I will love him forever for he is my sweet prince.


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