Bowling Ball and Pink Shoes

My little baby girl loved to do things but she always made sure that she looked good doing those things! She had such a eye for fashion and style, and I was always amazed that she did such a great job considering that her mother (yours truly) could not tell a turnip from a shoe lace LOL! One day when we went clothes shopping I was asking her about this shirt or this dress or pants and all her answers were NO! Then at one point she stopped shopping, looked at me and said "Mom, you are no longer allowed to shop with out me".
Exasperated, I said OK you dress me and she did. She was picking all the clothes that I would never wear and we went into the fitting room and I told her that I would never wear these things and so I did not want to try them on! ( I was dragging my feet acting like a thirteen year old ) She said "No you asked for it so you have to at least try them all on", so I did and I was thinking to myself that I was not going to buy them any way so what harm was there in trying them on, so just to humor her I did. WELL!!!!! forty five minutes later we were walking out of the store with all the items that I tried on with the exception of one. She was right OF COURSE and I was really pleased. For once I did not feel like my grandmothers couch in my new clothes. But did I learn? LOL NO, the next time we went shopping I was looking at clothes and she came up to me and took me by the hand and lead me away saying don't touch those things and stay with me! LOL Was that role reversal? I loved our little shopping days together and I miss them so much that I have not done shopping since she has passed because it is so painful shopping and trying to make decisions my self. 
But if you look at the photo above her bowling ball even matches her shoes! and the bag matches the ball. My sweet baby girl mommy loves you with all my soul, heart, mind and body.


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