Light House Inn

We Love staying at the Pacific Lighthouse Inn when we go to the bay area. The Inn sits on the ocean and many of the rooms face the it. We took a trip to the bay and while walking on the beach I was taking the pictures below and a wave came so I started to run away from it but when I turned the beach sloped up and I tripped and fell on my face and the wave washed over me. It was really funny! It brought back memories from when I was small and would run away from the waves and loose then too but it was fun because we would always try but never were fast enough. We lived in Pacifica when I was small and I loved the ocean. I had to take this picture of my glasses that were hanging around my neck when I smashed them into the sand after I fell. It will be a memory that will make me smile for years to come. If you look really close in the lens of the Glasses you can see me taking the picture.


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