Olivia Ann Hudson

I absolutely love to do family history research! I was looking through some old papers the other day when I found this picture of Olivia! I have seen this picture before and did not really give it a thought until now. When I read who she was, I researched her name to find out how we are related. I found out that she is my great great grandmother! I was so happy to get that! I have a funny shaped nose and now I see where it came from! I have always wondered that. I love to have something in common with Olivia. She is not smiling with her mouth but you can see her smiling with in her eyes. I love this picture and am going to see if I can photo fix it as it is only a photo copy from a black and white picture and even looks like it is a copy of a copy.


  1. Hello,
    In 2008 I had identical girl triplets and one of them we named Olivia Ann Hudson. Unfortunately, Olivia passed away at 5 months old. Every so often I google her name and today your blog popped up. What strikes me as so coinciental is the title of your blog, Butterfly Kisses. Since Olivia's passing, we have had many unconventional experiences with butterflies.
    I'm so sorry you, too, lost your daughter. While our daughters were different ages, the loss is still a heavy burden. Thank you for posting...
    Rebecca Hudson

  2. Hello Rebecca,
    Thank you for your comment and I am sorry for your loss also. The pain is something that you do not know until you have lost a deeply loved baby no matter the age! so I sympathize with you too!

    What a blessing to hear that Olivia is sending you little reminders of her love to you in a way that you recognize.

    Olivia my grandmother was a woman that I did not have the pleasure to meet but it looks like through my Great, Great Grandmother and my blog being named for my daughter "Butterfly Kisses" and your daughter being named "Olivia" we have connected to share a small bit of our mothers heart with each other! Thank you so much for reaching out to me and sharing, it has put a smile in my heart and a warmth in my soul. Take care and enjoy all of life's little messages that come to you from sweet Olivia


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