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Hospital visit


Cancer Free

Wow! No cancer today from the Doctor! I am so happy for my husband! They got it all! What a relief

Olivia Ann Hudson

I absolutely love to do family history research! I was looking through some old papers the other day when I found this picture of Olivia! I have seen this picture before and did not really give it a thought until now. When I read who she was, I researched her name to find out how we are related. I found out that she is my great great grandmother! I was so happy to get that! I have a funny shaped nose and now I see where it came from! I have always wondered that. I love to have something in common with Olivia. She is not smiling with her mouth but you can see her smiling with in her eyes. I love this picture and am going to see if I can photo fix it as it is only a photo copy from a black and white picture and even looks like it is a copy of a copy.