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Happy New Year

Uuck! Such a bad picture of me but it is a testament to my dear sweet husband who after thirty one years of marriage that he can still make me laugh so hard that I could pee my pants.
My life with my husband has been just that "my life" I could not imagine any other life that I would have.
As I sit here typing this I am thinking back over the past years of my life and every thing that I have been through in it. With the exception of the loss of my baby girl there is nothing I would change (well maybe a few pounds would be ok) I am a happy woman with the best man I could ask for.
The new year I hope for our family would be a break in the terrible madness that has been our life for four years and that things get better for us all around. It would be nice to have a break now. But I am grateful for the many blessing I have in my life like, my husband, my sons, my soon to be daughter in law, my health and my job. I am thankful for a house over my head and food in my stomach. I lo…

Sweet Mandy

Here is a picture of my baby girl on a date with a few of her friends before Junior prom. She was so very beautiful and not just in appearance! I miss my baby girl especially at this time of year. Christmas was her most favorite day in the year.
Merry Christmas baby girl

Snowman Sugar cookies

Here are the really sweet cookies that Clayton made for his work tomorrow and their Christmas lunch. This cookie Clayton's fiance made, I so love that little bow she put on the top.
This one is a Mr. snowman that Clayton decorated. So sweet.
Here are all the ones that Clayton decorated with a little help from Cassandra. They got the idea from I had never heard of that site before but it is pretty cool. Another site that I like is Love it. I love the one in the middle with the big frown on it!

Takota or Koty for short

Look at our sweet new addition to our family. He is such a sweet baby boy! He has the biggest chocolate brown eyes and loves to give hugs. He is the perfect fit in our family! Thank you Armando and Marcie for picking us to have this sweet little man!

Christmas Tree 2011

Here is our Christmas tree for the year 2011
I love the blue ribbons
These white star, snow flake what ever they are ornaments are pretty
 Purple glass ornaments in honor of my baby girl
It was hard decorating this year......this was something that Mandy and I did together

Gingerbread house from the 70'S

Here is the small ginger bread houses that I made back when I was a teen. Looks like I have gotten a tiny bit better! lol.

Update: here is a link to how I make them today

sweet video

I came across this video when I was reading Acorn pies this morning and it is very sweet

Gingerbread House

It's getting close to that time of the year when I make ginger bread houses. This has been a tradition in our family for as long as I can remember. I made my first one when I was about thirteen years old. I will try to find the one picture that I have of the one I made years ago and add it when I make my new houses for this year. I made this one for last year. It is so much fun making these.

Update: here is the link to the old picture from the 70's I made.

Winter Fire in the fireplace

Oh there is something so very warm and cozy about the winter fire. I love the beauty of the flames that are so mesmerizing.   They dance with grace and beauty and I love to watch them snuggled up in my over stuffed recliner.
I also have respect for the fire and all the dangers it can bring but I also am very appreciative of our first responders whom everyday put their lives on the line to save us

Hot home made potato soup

There is nothing better than a good hot bowl of soup on a rainy day.

So I am making some.  After sauteing the onions I added flour to the onions

Then some broth

And then my most Favorite ingredient Potatoes!

Let it all cook together and just before it is done I added some cheese and potato flakes to make it thick Mmm! Just what the tummy needed today

The Joker painted by Michael Spell

I know that this is kind of scary looking but I am really proud of my son for painting it. He is really talented. And yes the eyes follow you and look into your soul brrrrrrrr

My Homemade Rocket Stove

I made a rocket stove last weekend and here is how I did it. I took four tin cans and took off the tops and bottoms of three cans then just the top of the fourth one and left the bottom on.

Here are the cans. I took off the outside paper and rinsed them out. A good thing to watch for on your cans are the new bottoms because they are round and you cannot remove them so make sure that the cans you use can have the bottoms taken off. If you have a pampered chef can opener use it because that way there are no sharp edges
Also you will need a number ten can or one of similar size with the top cut off and saved for later use

Here are the three cans cut, one in half and up the side, one with a hole in it to put the third on inside of
Here is the fourth can you cut it to fit inside of the can on the bottom so that you can rest the sticks on it
A picture with some of the tools that I used and the lid to the number ten cut out for the top
You have to wear leather gloves because this is what yo…

My video of my home made rocket stove


Rocket Stove

I am so excited about this project. I watched a you tube video on how to use adobe bricks to make an stove and thought to myself that I can do this! so I read up on how to make adobe bricks and it takes one to two months to cook in the sun and I did not have that much time because the fall is here so I found myself down at the local shop here picking up fire bricks and made this.....I am excited to try it out but not until later
This is the side where the kindling will go
Here is a look inside the top

Another Black Widow in my yard

My back yard must be a favorite of these creatures......... Black Widows yuck! This one is huge. Last year I had a large one on the side of the house and now this one is strung out between the house and the tree next to it.

Best friends for life

I have this friend that is more to me than a friend. She is like a real sister to me and I love her just as a sister. 
When I look back over my life and try to think about the people in my life I stop and think of what they have all meant to me. 
I have many friends and feel so lucky to have had. But the friendship they have given to me has caused me to feel truly blessed. 
But this one friend to me feels almost like we could be twins. She is kind, funny, has a great sense of humor, she offers herself to any that need her. She is a terrific mom and grandmother and wife.
I love this picture a lot because it is tranquil and has a calming effect on me. 
After only four months of losing my daughter my friend came and picked me up and took me on a get away for the two of us. She had just lost her husband only eight months previously herself and so it was kind of a sabbatical for the two of us. We the both of us still raw from loss and in great pain put it aside to spend a little time healing. 

Missing the snow

I took a trip to Reno one day with my family to have lunch with more family in Tahoe and this is what we drove through to get there. Although scary thinking about crashing the beauty was breath taking. I love the snow
The mist quiets the sounds outside so it was completely quiet with the exceptions of the car motor
visibility about twelve feet
The tress are beautiful in their silhouette  against the sky
reaching this curve in the drive down the mountain we should see the beautiful lake Tahoe.......but the mist, snow and clouds cover any sign that its there
sunshine at last

Trip to Hawthorne Nevada

I and my sister and parents drove to Hawthorne Nevada to help my sister and her family unpack into their new family home. Here are a few pictures that I shot of the view on the way there and back.
First here are some sandy mountains off in the distance
And some more sandy mountains
OH wait some trees
Then more sandy mountains
And some more
And Oh wait.....nope just more mountians
HEY a house!
And then more of this
and then this
and.... that water????
and more sandy mountains
Why yes that is water and it is sooooo blue but this pic is not showing the color to well
WOW I wonder how tall this mountain is? it has some snow on top but it does not come all the way down
It is so pretty but my sister said that it does not snow down at their level during the winter but just a couple days out of the year.....weird
more of this
And drum roll please...........the famous bear rock!
Ummmm ok looks kind of like a tiger to me or maybe a really big rodent