My visitor

As I entered the parking lot I saw he was walking on the windshield of my car as I got closer I told him that I was leaving and he better climb off or it was going to get ugly, He did not listen.

I got into my car saying "you better listen to me and get off". He still did not listen so as I was leaving my parking space I said here is the corner and after this is a main road so you better get off here. He just stared at me with his bugged eyes and so I pulled onto the main street.

As I entered the main street I came to a light I said here is your chance I am going to stop at this light and you will have a chance to get off. The light was only a wait of forty five seconds. Then I was off again but he was still there.

At this point I was getting worried because he was still on my windshield and I was coming up to a freeway entrance and I would be going way to fast for a rider on my windshield.

So at this point I implored him to PLEASE! Please get off it would be safer than flying off the windshield at a high speed and who knows what would happen to him then.
At the light he went headless of my constant warning and I had no choice but to enter the freeway.

His arms started to slip from the grip he had and I said see! Now you are going to make me very very sad because I did not want anything to happen to you at all! but you left me no choice so Hold on I yelled and entered the freeway and started speeding up.

Holding on for dear life he started turning his body that would best suit aerodynamics on top of the windshield and clung for dear life. Now normally I would have drove about seventy on the freeway, I know too fast but it is the truth but because he was actually able to hold on I thought wow! If you can hold on then I will not speed.

So here I am going down the freeway cheering on my windshield clinger hoping that he would not fall off. As I stared at him through the windshield I said over and over hold on, hold on, I will get you there if you just hold on.

Well he did he hung in there from Fairfield to Vallejo about a twenty minute drive at sixty five miles an hour. As I tried to keep my eyes on the road ahead of me I kept glancing up to make sure that he was still holding on and yep! he was.

Finally I could see the exit I wanted but I thought to myself as his legs and arms started to slip and flail in the wind that we came so far and I would be really sad if he did not make it. So I yelled hang in there sweet heart! almost there and he did.

Phew! boy he came through and actually made it I was elated and ecstatic he was a very strong clinger and I was so happy that he did not fall off. I think that he was very happy also but a little worse for the wear.

As I pulled into another parking lot he stood and checked all his arms and legs and found that he was okay and decided that now was the time to get off of this bad ride So he did.

Above are some pictures of my little windshield rider


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