I found this really great book at a thrift store not to long ago and I got really excited about reading it after I found a remark in it about women. When I got home I wanted to read it to my family but I couldn't find the page it was on so I am going to read it from cover to cover to see what is in this gem!

The Title in case you cannot see it to well is "Dr. Chases Recipes or information for everybody" it is the enlarged and improved edition copyright 1902

The book is in really good shape inside but the spine has come apart from the book itself. I am worried about handling the book but books are meant to be read not to sit on the bookshelf untouched no matter how old they are. (I am still very careful)

Just reading the Publishers preface, you get the sense that they feel that this book is the most important and valuable thing on this earth! It claims that the information inside is so true and is in such a wide scope that you do not need to purchase technical books. Well we all know that science of the times is always correct so I am really excited to see how different the science of 1902 was then and if it still apply's to the standards of today. And Dr. Chase says that much of the recipes in this book have never before been published and he seems to be happy and proud to have done this. Original price of the book $1.00


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