Baby Quilt

This is the color and fabrics that I am going to use to make my baby quilt. I am making this quilt for a very special person who did my family a great service! I hope you enjoy watching it come to fruition
First I cut out the teddy bear pattern that I am using for the applique, I used card stock so it would be strong enough for the repeated us that it is going to get.
Here is one cut out and others ready for cutting. I traced on the back so that it would not show up on the pattern side and that way I will not have to deal with it later
More cut out. I love the way it is looking right now and am kind of excited to see how it turns out. I am not the best quilter but I really love to quilt!
voila, here are the bears cut out, and on the squares that will be used. Now I have to applique them. I will post more progress later.


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