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Here are all the squares done and ready for the next step. I think that it is not too bad of a job for my very first time doing this

quilt square


more quilt

Here is the squares getting ready for the appliqué
tucking in the stitches on the underside after tying them so they do not unravel

My square before sewing
here are all the squares that I am going to sew

Baby Quilt

This is the color and fabrics that I am going to use to make my baby quilt. I am making this quilt for a very special person who did my family a great service! I hope you enjoy watching it come to fruition
First I cut out the teddy bear pattern that I am using for the applique, I used card stock so it would be strong enough for the repeated us that it is going to get.
Here is one cut out and others ready for cutting. I traced on the back so that it would not show up on the pattern side and that way I will not have to deal with it later
More cut out. I love the way it is looking right now and am kind of excited to see how it turns out. I am not the best quilter but I really love to quilt!
voila, here are the bears cut out, and on the squares that will be used. Now I have to applique them. I will post more progress later.

This is one of my very favorite pictures of Mandy, She is so cute! Mandy always had this very happy smile on her face and she was always happily running around every where singing or playing. I miss her so much. She is and was my baby girl and her being gone makes my heart hurt. I love you baby girl
I found this really great book at a thrift store not to long ago and I got really excited about reading it after I found a remark in it about women. When I got home I wanted to read it to my family but I couldn't find the page it was on so I am going to read it from cover to cover to see what is in this gem!
The Title in case you cannot see it to well is "Dr. Chases Recipes or information for everybody" it is the enlarged and improved edition copyright 1902
The book is in really good shape inside but the spine has come apart from the book itself. I am worried about handling the book but books are meant to be read not to sit on the bookshelf untouched no matter how old they are. (I am still very careful)
Just reading the Publishers preface, you get the sense that they feel that this book is the most important and valuable thing on this earth! It claims that the information inside is so true and is in such a wide scope that you do not need to purchase technical books. Well …