Vinita D. Acree

My sweet Grandmama, I miss her so much! She was a great big influence in my life. She taught me a lot about the way things are suppose to be done in life with things, people and love.

I remember the many times she would say this is a lot easier than the way we used to do something or the other when she was young and she was right. You know when you hear someone say they had a hard life but it just made them stronger? Well that was my grandmother. She did what she needed to do to get along in life.

I remember asking her the question of did you ever ride in a horse and buggy?, and she looked at me and smiled. Her comment was that she did ride in a horse and buggy but she did not remember it to much. But the part that she did remember was doing the laundry at the river on rocks. She told us that we had it easy using the washers because she was not able to use them when she was growing up. I remember rolling my eyes when she turned around because I was thinking that it would have been more fun than using the washers. How naive is that? LOL.

I was young and not very wise then. But I remember a lot of what she taught me and try to use it today! As she came closer to her time to leave earth, we did not see each other to much more and I missed that. I would visit with her when I could and even then she could not hear much of any thing so she would just sit and watch everyone.

She loved life and things in it very much. She loved going to church and serving the most. That was the one thing that she did for the entire time that I remember growing up always serving in the church in one way or another.

Grandmama was very fortunate to have my mother and father take care of her in there home all of the time in her older years. Grandmama was a very independent person and never liked to be a burden to any one and she felt like a burden to them because they did so much for her. I remember her telling mom that she needed to take her to a nursing home and let them take care of her to relieve the burden of that task from them. Mom refused and grandmama asked me one time to talk mom into it. I did talk to mom but she was mute on this subject. She would not be persuaded. So I told grandmama that she would just have to put up with it because mom loved her too much.

At the age of ninety two she would get up after eating dinner and do the dishes! She was Ninety two and there were about seventeen people eating at their house at any given time because of all the kids and their friends. I only hope at ninety two I can still stand and do dishes then in good health too.

Grandmama, I miss and Love you!


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